Each winter Leaning Barn Farms pours through their seeds, root stock and catalogues, planning which flowers will grace the farm for the upcoming season. With crowd favorites and new varieties of plants on the ever changing landscape of the property, the following days are filled with preparations getting the farm ready for the season ahead.

In June, the Fields and Gardens start to bloom with Hearty blossoms like Bachelor’s Button and Daisies. The Fancy Flowers and Specialty Botanicals are growing as well. delicate Calendula and elegant Lilies will start to show their petals.

It is exciting to share each flower and plant with the people who gather here and share memories of time spent in this special place.

“Was a very charming country peaceful farm of beauty and what a wonderful selection of colorful and pretty flowers. Very glad I went there. Great job Linda for all the hard work you put into it.”

Sue Farner

Leaning Barn Farms U-Pick Flowers

There are so many ways to bring Leaning Barn Farms flowers into your life. You can spend the morning at the farm cutting a pail full of fresh picked flowers for your kitchen table. Or, if you only have a few minutes, you can drop by our Flower Shop to find the perfect pre-gathered bunch of fresh flowers for your loved one. Another option would be  to make an appointment with one of our flower farmers to find a special mix of blooms for your event. We have several bridal options ranging from the bespoke bride to the diy bridal party. Perhaps our Bucket Service would be just right for the big day. Our hope is that Leaning Barn Farms will be able to provide you with the most amazing flower experience in the Treasure Valley.

Bucket Service & More

Leaning Barn Farms offers a variety of services including pre-gathered and cleaned flowers, bouquets, arrangements, dried arrangements and potpourri.

Please visit our Services page to see more of what we offer.