Blooms that are Uniquely You

As you envision your journey together, what feeling comes to mind? Do you think about simplicity or abundance, do you picture yourselves surrounded by a simple gathering of your loved ones or is your big day a riotous celebration of joy with everyone you know?

At Leaning Barn Farms we strive to help each couple find the collection of blooms that fits the sentiment of who you are as a couple.

From a sweet hand gathered bouquet of daisies, to an extravagantly textured cascade of peonies and roses, we can help you craft a curated collection of flowers that truly represents your union.

“Linda at Leaning Barn Farms is fantastic! She provided beautiful flower centerpieces for my wedding last summer! I loved visiting the farm, picking out my own flowers and having the opportunity to create an arrangement with her. It was an awesome experience and far exceeded my expectations!!!”
Staci Sells

Which Leaning Barn Bride are You?

The Bespoke Bride

The Bespoke Bride wants to artfully curate the perfect collection of refined botanicals to represent the vision she holds for her wedding. During her Bridal Consultation Session with Leaning Barn Farms, she is one to carefully comb through the gardens to find the perfect blossoms for her bouquet. She is confident that the unique collection of horticulture she reserves will represent the sentiment she wishes to evoke on her special day.

The DIY Bride

The DIY Bride will use her artistic eye to comb the rows of flowers at Leaning Barn Farms the days before her wedding. She is seeking the perfect collection of blossoms for her big day and loves that she has an abundance of blooms to choose from to bring her vision to life.

The Flower Field Bride

The Flower Field Bride relishes in living in the moment. She wants to wander the flower fields like the free spirit she is, delighting in whatever beautiful blossoms happen to bloom just for her on her wedding day. She is secure in the knowledge that Leaning Barn Farms has U-Pick options available for every budget and that they have a multitude of flowers that are ready to cut at any given time. She is so happy that she can enjoy her time leading up to her union amoungst the vibrant petals found at the farm.